BCE will be minted through a secure redeem link so collectors can purchase on demand. You will have the opportunity to join our Mint list on this website to guarantee a spot for the FREE NFT drop.

We care about your safety: While many NFT operations ask for your wallet information on google docs, we took an additional step to create a secure form, which has a number of built in security features that go beyond a simple google drive.  We will NEVER ASK for your seed phrase. If anyone claiming to be BCE or BCE support asks for this information exit out immediately.


Always Beware of: 

  • Links in the DM
  • Fake Collab.Land DM’s 
  • Fake minting websites
  • Fake service websites
  • Fake Prizes
  • Fake MetaMask Popups
  • Fake OpenSea Websites
  • Fake OpenSea Emails
  • Fake Support

NEW Purchasing Scam Alert: 

Keep your seed phrase safe.

You should never type your seed phrase anywhere. Your seed phrase is used as a backup method to recover your wallet. It will never be used to log-in or authenticate anything.

 You will only need to use it if you’ve completely lost access to your wallet. Don’t treat it lightly.

Don’t sign into fake MetaMask prompts.


Fake Metamask interfaces are a popular way to scam people and trick them into sharing their seed phrase. You’ll usually encounter this type of page after following a link in a scam DM, most often from fake Collab.Land accounts.

If you need to legitimately sign in to MetaMask, close all of your pending requests to be safe, then sign in on your own accord by clicking your browser extension. See the fake MetaMask popup scam in action at this Tweet.

Use a hardware wallet
A hardware wallet keeps your private key protected so that nobody can access your wallet’s contents but you.

The two most popular recommendations are Ledger and Trezor. I personally use the Ledger Nano S. As always, make sure you’re buying from the official site. You know how to check! 

Always take your time
Don’t rush into things. Avoid FOMO. Take your time and make good decisions. Scammers take advantage of your speedy mistakes.

The downsides of rushing are usually much higher than any potential gains you could make.