From the makers of such legendary items as the pickle rocket, x-ray underwear, and the self-riding unicycle comes BCE!

NFTy Novelties Returns! Join inventor and extraordinaire Dr. Xardog along with the NFTy novelty team as they complete their latest and most remarkable invention yet – A magical and fizzy formula that promises to give you strength and courage. Created with over 250 unique herbs and spices and some surprise magical elements the formula will bring out the BCE in everyone. 

There will be twists and turns — and nobody knows if Dr. Xardog has finally created the magic formula he has been searching for. So pop the top off this new NFT and help us solve the riddle and find the final recipe. WAGMI! Follow the story, it’s all happening… on twitter.

Herbs and Spices
Secret Element X
Fizzy Pops
Total Minted


The secret elixer is still in testing! Check back to watch the progress, things are moving quickly and bottling for BCE is expected soon.