From Denver, NYC and Milan
We are a team of artists from the great world of comic book art (Disney, DC Comics), along with a master of fine arts in Design, and a rag tag crew with some serious writing, software and animation skills. We believe in having fun and we love nothing more than creating tongue-in-cheek projects that poke a fun at the world around us.

Our goal is to celebrate the world of NFT’s with a collection that doesn’t take everything so damn seriously. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Oh boy do we ever. There are so many ideas flowing through this place that we are keeping the neighbors up at night. And, we’re capable of doing everything we dream. We will post the next stage when this collection is in the wallets of collectors everywhere. And, that’s why this drop is FREE. So leave the yacht club behind and join us for some real BCE.   

It’s about you, it’s about us. We believe in supporting all communities, races, genders colors, religions and even plants. Yup. we’re nature loving geek freaks and we can’t wait to share BCE energy with people around the world.  So let’s do this.


Fowl behavior is strongly encouraged! We dream of a future hen-semble powered by BCE all across the world.

However, foul behavior such as hate speech, racism, sexism, bigotry, or hurtful behavior of any kind is unacceotable in any of our online channels. Please be respectful of everyone in the international NFT community. No NSFW content, spam, trolling or overt, annoying or disruptive advertising will be tolerated.

Ummm. yeah.💯
Except for Chico Crypto. He gets a pass.

Please be aware that all content contained within this website is satire. 

You bet he is…follow along and you will learn more about his life, his studies and all of that BCE he has to share with the world. He’s been waiting for you.